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The Sip and Paint, also known as the Sip n' Paint, the industry is fairly new but has quickly gained popularity in the entertainment industry for celebrating life events such as bachelorette parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties, date night, girls night out, corporate team building events and everything in between.

Paint n' Sip or Sip n' paint consists of group painting lessons, in which an art teacher shows you step by step how to paint a sexy male model or female model, while you and your friends enjoy your favorite beverage of choice. Sip and Paint parties are great because they mix creativity and fun for the adult with a creative imagination. Booze N' Brush Sip n' Paint is something that can appeal to everyone's wild side!

What sets Booze N' Brush Sip N' Paint apart from other wine and painting, drink and draw, or sip, wine and design and paint parties is we offer a customizable experience. If you're looking to do the all-inclusive sip n' paint party and have us bring the party to you. You can hire a male or female model that can be a male model or female model, or male models or nearly female models. We offer private paint parties both home and private Sip n' Paint Parties in one of our sip studios. You also have the option to have your guest of honor be the muse and only hire a personal art instructor or hire just the male model or female model and go to town with your creative imagination. The possibilities are endless and no matter which option you choose, planning your next special private paint party has never been more fun!

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Whichever Booze n' Brush bachelorette party, bachelor party, anniversary party, birthday party, or other events you celebrate with us is sure to be an amazing night out, you and your guests will never forget!

Booze n' Brush is a sure-fire way to make your next night out with the guys and/or girls, an unforgettable experience.

Make your event perfectly
memorable with Booze N' Brush Sip N' Paint

Sip n Paint Gon Wild:
Booze n Brush Your Way To a Night You Won't Forget

Looking for that perfect, one of a kind masterpiece to make your home feel complete? I’m talking about that rare, one of one touch of artistic elegance to truly bring any room together, creating a sense of graceful passion and luxurious style. Why wait to stumble upon your perfect piece of art when you can release your inner artist and paint it yourself!

Okay, so maybe you’re not the most artistically talented individual, nor are you in the market for a brand new piece of art - and that’s just fine! But why not experience the fun and excitement of creating your very own masterpiece while enjoying a few drinks with your closest friends? Sip n’ Paint (or Paint n’ Sip as some prefer to call it) just might be the perfect celebratory night out that you’ve been looking for!

The immensely growing Sip n’ Paint industry allows artists of any skill level to express their creativity in a fun and social manner without the added pressures of perfection. In fact, the entire concept of “Sip n’ Paint” centers around a fun, stress free environment in which patrons are encouraged to socialize and drink as they paint! The combination of creativity and socialization makes Sip n’ Paint a fun and entertaining experience for everybody involved.

Typically coached through the painting experience by a professional artist, Sip n’ Paint has been growing in popularity at an incredibly fast rate, becoming a go to experience for those looking to celebrate an event or enjoy a relaxing night out. With a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other (or any beverage of choice for that matter) Sip n’ Paint is much more than just a painting class, but an all out social entertainment experience!

While some company’s may allow patrons to bring their own adult beverages to enjoy, others may provide drinks during the sessions. Either way, Sip n’ Paint encourages you to get social, take the edge off and enjoy your favorite drinks while an artistic coach guide’s your path to mastery every stroke of the way.

Okay, so you like the idea, but what ever could you paint? Many company’s hold classes centering around seasonal concepts such as pumpkin patches or a beautiful summer sunset. Some even provide sketch work and guidance to paint your own pet! Anything really goes when attending a Paint n’ Sip event, but why not make your experience a little erotic and paint something a little more, risqué?

Whether you are celebrating a bachelorette party, bachelor party, a birthday party, or simply a fun night out – there’s always a little room for some extra fun. Booze n’ Brush, a nationally recognized Sip n’ Paint phenomenon, takes the experience to a whole new level by providing patrons the opportunity to socialize, celebrate and drink while painting a live, in person lingerie model!

While traditional methods of celebration may include your standard girl’s night out show experiences - such as an ever so sexy male revue or hilariously entertaining drag show, the Booze n’ Brush experience combines the best of all worlds. Patrons can have their pick at not only choosing to hire a male or female model to paint, but their choice of lingerie attire to truly spice up and exhilarate their Sip n’ Paint experience!

Located in over 72 cities and growing, Booze n’ Brush is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion with an unforgettable experience. As a great co-ed and friendly night out, Booze n’ Brush is a fantastic option for couples and friends of all dynamics, leaving no doubt that everyone involved will have nothing less than an extraordinary experience.

Raising the bar to yet another level, Booze n’ Brush also provides the option for customers to hire a private model and artistic coach in the comfort of their own home! If you can’t make it to one of Booze n’ Brush’s private studios, Booze n’ Brush will literally bring the studio to you!

No matter the occasion or circumstance, Booze n’ Brush provides a Sip n’ Paint experience like no other. Whether you book studio session or a home party, nobody brings Sip n’ Paint festivities to the level of fun that Booze n’ Brush does. Truly a level above, Booze n’ Brush is the ultimate Sip n’ Paint experience!

For more information and to book your very own Booze n’ Brush experience, visit or call 1-833-BOOZE-83 (833.266.9383)

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