frequently asked qusetions

Q: When do I pay for my event if I am doing a private party?

A: In order to secure your date and time 100% of the event needs to be paid in full at least a week prior to the event (further in advance is suggested)  
Q: Does the model get completely naked at the private events?

A: The models that are booked for a private event are nude unless otherwise instructed by you. 
Q: Can we touch the models?

A: Absolutely no inappropriate touching is allowed. 
Q: What does the typical private party consist of?

A: One male or female model (your choice) the paint, easels, canvases and a 2-hour time frame. The two-hour time frame is from arrival time, including setup time and photos after. 
Q: What happens during Booze n' Brush events?

A: As the class starts, fun music will be playing and a waiter will provide you with a cocktail of your choice. Throughout the class, our professionally trained teacher will run fun activities that allow the group to relax and find their inner-artists. There is a break midway through the two-hour session, which is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the complimentary finger food.
Q: Are The Parties For “Girls Only”?

A: Co-Ed Parties and All Male Parties are welcome.
Q: When Are The Events?

A: Booze n' Brush events are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We can accommodate a private party any day of the week.

Q: Can We Take Photos With The Model?

A: At the end of the class there will be a photo opportunity with the model.
Q: How Can I Work For Naked?

A: If you’re interested in being an art teacher, or a Naked model, we are always looking for professional, fun and skilled members to join our ever growing team. 

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